The Kolob Theorem
A Mormon's View of God's Starry Universe

The Kolob Theorem<br><i>A Mormon's View of God's Starry Universe</i>

Do you believe God's throne is in the center of his universe?

Have you ever wondered how God's universe is structured?

This book describes the location of the Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms. Professor Lynn M. Hilton allows us to see more clearly the celestial home we lived in before we were born and the home we will live in after we die. According to the The Kolob Theorem the exact center of our Milky Way galaxy is the location of Kolob and the throne of God.

Lynn, as a man of faith, unites in a single theory, scientific evidence, together with LDS sources to account for the form and structure of all of God's worlds, planets, and suns. He examines several basic ideas which grow out of this hypothesis.

2 discs

Run time: 122 mins
Edition: Abridged
ISBN: 978-1-56684-713-1

Authors: Lynn M. Hilton

Genres: LDS Non-Fiction on CD

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